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Flatbed Vs Wheel Lift Tow Truck: Difference?

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  • 2023-01-02 07:45:14

Nobody ever plans to get a flat tire or get into an accident, which is the phenomenon. Accidents can still occur even when you drive safely, and our cars and trucks frequently break down when we least expect them.

However, in such cases, a towing queen NY tow truck near me service can help in these situations. They'll tow the car to a shop of your choice for repairs. Choosing a perfect towing company will safely locate you and your vehicle in the best conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to select a professional towing service in the queen to prevent further damage to your vehicle and save your time.

Gone is the time when people relied on hook-and-chain tow trucks. It was a headache to tie a chain around the car and lift one end with a crane. The two tires are always on the ground using such a strategy, which harms the vehicle. Modern vehicles require a better alternative due to the evolution of the automotive sector to prevent the harm that the hook and chain technique causes.

You might prefer the truck you want to tow your vehicle when choosing a towing service near me. Although Towingbee always chooses the best option for your scenario, being familiar with the tow trucks that are frequently used will always be useful to you in exceptional circumstances.

The main differences between the two most common towing types, flatbed tow trucks and tow truck wheel lifts, and their pros & cons are explained in the blog post below.

Flatbed Tow Truck

This is a popular type of tow truck. With this tow truck, a slanted platform can be moved to reach the ground. The car can now be pushed and driven onto the platform due to this feature. A winch mechanism can be employed if the car is unable to be driven.

The car will be fastened to the platform with chains and straps once placed there. This is the main difference between wheel lift and flatbed towing near me is–vehicle safety cheap flatbed towing using a truck is extremely effective for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and even heavy machinery.

Pros of Flatbed Truck

  • Useful in most circumstances

  • Best for long-distance towing.

  • It can be used for equipment and automobiles in any situation.

  • Medium-sized cars, SUVs, and other comparable vehicles can be towed with ease.

  • The loaded vehicle has no moving parts and travels at a constant speed.

Cons of Flatbed Truck

  • It can struggle to move in small areas.

  •   It might take longer to load safely

  • To enable the tray to tilt for loading, there needs to be an important vertical clearance.  

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

This truck in queen is a well-liked model that is currently offered by several wheel lift tow truck near me truck companies. These have crossbars at both ends of hydraulic booms. The crossbars are put either in front of or behind the wheels to utilize this. The car towing is raised with the crossbars in place so that just two wheels are in contact with the ground. Depending on the vehicle's transmission, one must decide whether to raise the front or rear wheels.

This is often how two-wheel drive cars are towed, especially when the distance being towed is short. It is a good tow truck in manhattan to use when the car to be towed is parked on a narrow or crowded road. It is an appropriate queen towing company vehicle to utilize when the vehicle being towed is parked on a narrow or congested road. Typically, hiring this type of tow truck near me will be less expensive for towing assistance.

Pros of Wheel lift Truck

  • This service is less expensive.

  • It may squeeze into small spaces or confined parking lots.

  • Acquires low vertical clearance, making it ideal for underground parking

 Cons of Wheel lift Truck

  • Not appropriate for extremely low or heavy cars

  • Only appropriate for short-distance towing

  • The rims of the tires that are in contact with the road may be harmed by two-wheel towing.


The primary difference between them is the safety offered by the vehicles. Roller trucks are less safe than flatbed trucks. Compared to wheel lift tow trucks, flatbed tow are less likely to require the cars to be readjusted as a result of the towing impacts.

There is also a difference in the size of the two vehicles aside from that. A wheel pull-up in a queen tow truck driver would be better on narrower roads and confined spaces because flatbed tow trucks are larger.

Today for Flatbed or Wheel Lift Towing Queens

Give us a call right away and let us know if your car needs a flatbed or a wheel lift tow so we can get it back on the road and you can get back to your life. The need for a service is never ideal, but if it arises, we are here to help. Get a tow from the best tow truck business in Los Angeles by calling (646) 777-2304 and speaking with a Towingbee specialist.


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