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9 Common Towing Mistakes: You Should Avoid

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  • 2022-12-28 06:35:34

Most people believe that when towing is just hooking up a trailer to another vehicle and driving it. On the contrary, the technical task of towing big goods from one location to another calls for experience and expert care off road recovery near me. Everything comes down to safety and success. Every year, there are a lot of trailers, boats, or other large, heavy objects that get loose and cause a lot of damage.

We made a list of the most common mistakes that drivers make when towing boats, travel trailers, lightweight open people trailers, or toy haulers. These errors could cause deadly collisions and significant injuries to all drivers.

Common Towing Mistakes to Prevent

Here are the step-by-step mistakes you should avoid while towing

1-Analyze your temperature

You can keep that engine operating smoothly by keeping an eye on a few pressures and temperatures. Ideally, every best tow truck should have accurate readings of the coolant temperature, the EGT, and the transmission temperature.

It should maintain less than 210 degrees for transmission temperatures. At 270 degrees, some types of fluid in automatic transmissions break down quickly, causing the clutch material to harden and eventually need to be replaced. Most OEM transmission temperature gauges, which are crucial to know, are not very accurate. Put the temperature sender in the transmission pan as an aftermarket replacement, since that is the proper place.

To increase the lifespan of an engine, it's a good idea to monitor the fuel and oil pressure and the oil temperature.

2-Using inappropriate equipment

If your vehicle's capabilities do not support or correspond to the towing activity that is being done, you could run into difficulty on the road. 

The owner's manual for your car's towing capacity will make it clear how much weight it can tow securely. Never go over the limit, or you'll have to deal with the consequences. Accidents will result from towing loads that are greater than what is advised. A tow car operator is often aware of the capabilities and restrictions of the machinery.

3-Disregard for Regional Rules

City-to-city differences exist in towing laws and rules. If you disregard the neighborhood towing laws, you run the risk of getting into trouble. Local laws and standards are established based on a state's topography and traffic patterns. For instance, in some areas, trailers must have taillights to help other vehicles on the road and safety chains to attach them to the tow truck. Ignoring the rules of the community might be risky.

4-Towing While "Racing"

We understand how thrilling it is to arrive at a place because we tow a rig every day, but if you rush to get there, the tortoise will triumph once more. The last thing you want to do to prolong the life of your tow vehicle is to accelerate up or down a grade. This list has a common theme: tow improperly, and your tow vehicle May fracture.

5-Driving in low-visibility conditions

It's true what they say: better to be late than never. Driving quickly is especially dangerous when length, width, and dimensions make it harder to see. Visibility is necessary for basic actions including braking, lane changes, and turns. Having a buddy can help you navigate and make driving simple and safe.

6-Automobiles not intended for load-towing

Sometimes the vehicle's design is not suitable for towing a heavy load. 

You should look at other solutions if your car is not equipped or rated to pull big goods behind it. Even cars that are made trailers bounce while towing have limits, and going over those limits can be expensive or even dangerous.

7-Deflationary tires

Deflated tires on trailers invite danger. Check the tire pressure and brakes on your trailer if you haven't used them in a while. Under-inflated tires can cause more friction that might cause blowouts or rollovers. As a result, make sure the tires on your tow vehicle are properly inflated.

8-Vehicles with excessive loads

We discussed the significance of a balanced load for your truck earlier in this piece. We didn't bluff! Just be careful and be aware of your trailer's weight limitations. Your towing vehicle will not last very long if you do not really.


You've probably seen a few trailer brakes smoking or even catching fire if you've driven on mountain roads at all. Even though they do important work, the brakes on a trailer are the most overlooked and underused system. The most popular design is a drum one, which substitutes an electric magnet and cam and arm system for the hydraulic wheel cylinder. This magnet, like your brake shoes or tires, is a worn item. It must be frequently checked and changed. In most cases, a wear change is also necessary while inspecting or maintaining. Most brakes do not self-adjust, unlike truck brakes. You're in charge of that.

Final Thoughts

By avoiding these common towing mistakes, you can ensure the safety of your vehicle and those around you, as well as protect your load and your towing vehicle. Also, if you have the right tools and a plan, you can do hard towing jobs with confidence and ease. If you lack the tools and abilities, speak with a reputable towing truck near me for cheap service. We at Towing Bee are a group of skilled manhattan tow truck drivers who can help you in New York City if your vehicle has broken down in a safe and affordable way.


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