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Easy Steps When Car Get Stuck in Sand

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  • 2022-12-13 12:44:52

We know everyone has been out there. Well! Not all of us, but we attempted to race our cars along the sandy beach and drift away from the vehicle with so much force, only to stuck in the sand and unable to move. Our vehicles were stuck in the sand, and even the gas pedal couldn't help. After all, getting stuck in mud and sand is stressful and annoying, and getting your automobile out of it is challenging. So, what can be done? Is there anything else we can do besides getting out of the car and pushing it out of the sand?

However, you cannot make quick moves to get your car stuck in beach sand, nor should you press the race harder because it would be more difficult for the automobile to get out. 

We will try our best to guide you in this post to overcome this situation. You have to thoroughly follow these instructions since they might be difficult but will almost certainly take out your automobile stuck in the sand at the beach or elsewhere.

What to do if your Car Gets Stuck in the Sand?

Lower the tire pressure

It is important to set off-road tire pressure to enjoy an off-road excursion. It is vital to note that tire pressure as low as 15-16 PSI will create more surface area and provide more traction.

Traction mat

If lowering the tire isn’t helping, try a traction mat. It will surely help your car in getting out of the sand. A traction mat gives a high fraction and stable surface to grab onto while your vehicle is sliding in the sand.

  • Try to remove the sand with the help of the shovel as much as you can.
  • Once the sand is removed, place the traction mat under the tire.
  • Start and vehicle and drive it on the mat.
  • Drive slowly but steadily to get the vehicle unstuck.

Wet down the sand

If the traction method isn’t helping, make the sand wet with spare gallons as pouring water will make the sand stick together making way for the car to drive away.

Get the shovel

If your car got stuck in the sand deep enough, do an extra effort. While traction mat, tire deflation, and wet sand may help, they will all need some extra digging and a shovel is the most helpful tool in this regard.

  • Take the shovel and dig it in front of every tire to remove the sand.
  • Build a hard-packed path extending at least a couple of feet in front of the tire.
  • While you dig, keep in mind that lesser sand will create less resistance when you try to get the car out of the sand.

 Get a tow

If all the above solutions are doing the job, it is time for the professional to help you out, and calling a car towing service will get you out in less time. Don’t panic, just relax and call for an expert towing company, describing your location, your car model, and your situation and they will race ahead to get your out.

Final Words

Getting stuck in the sand is a difficult problem to solve and escape from. That is why we‘ve discussed the five methods above for getting your automobile out of the sand and mud. If you ever get into a situation like this, count towingbee, We will be there in your right spot in no time.


There are possible 5 ways in getting your car out of the sand. You can deflate your tire, put on a traction mat, wet the sand, shovel out the sand or you can call for towing service if the other four methods are helping out.

To dig out tire (s) stuck in the sand you’ll need a shovel and extra hard work to throw the sand that is keeping the tire firm and not letting it out.

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